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Home and School Association

Our parents are the best! Not only are they committed to their children's education but they are team players-helping make our school better for everyone.

The Home and School Association is Galt Adventist School's parent organization. It serves to draw the home, church, and school closer together into a positive working relationship.

The Association is involved in many aspects of school life: fundraising, event meals, school celebrations, and School Spirit Days, not to mention a few of the more than twenty-five activities planned for this school year.

Involvement with our Home and School Association is very much appreciated. Why should you get involved?

  • Studies show students who have parents that are involved in their education do better in school.
  • You meet and get to know other parents.
  • To help Galt Adventist School be the best it can be!

To get involved, contact Toni Del Grande, our Home and School leader at (209) 327-1010.

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